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Experience maximum uptime and performance with our dedicated hosting solutions backed by our 100% uptime guarantee.

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Dedicated hosting with round-the-clock expert support for maximum uptime, security, and optimal performance of your online business or application.

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Plan Cores RAM Storage Monthly Price Action
DS1-SSDIntel Xeon D-2141 I 8 Cores16 GB DDR4500 GB SSD RAID 1$170,67Buy Now
DS2-SSDIntel Xeon D-2141 I 8 Cores28 GB DDR4 RAM1 TB SSD RAID 1$230,00Buy Now
DS3-SSDIntel Xeon D-2141 I 8 Cores60 GB DDR4 RAM1.79 TB SSD RAID 1$270,22Buy Now

Dedicated Server Hosting Features

A dedicated server offers exclusive access to resources, customization options, high performance, and enhanced security for demanding websites and applications.

Server Managed Difference

A dedicated server offers exclusive access to resources, customization options, high performance, and enhanced security for demanding websites and applications.

Anti-Virus Protection

Advanced anti-virus protection for hosting environments to safeguard your website and data from malicious attacks and potential security breaches.

Windows or Linux

Windows hosting for ASP.NET and MSSQL compatibility, Linux hosting for flexibility, security, and open-source compatibility. Choose based on your website's requirements.

Next-gen Firewalls

Next-generation firewalls provide advanced security features to protect against sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring the safety of your website and data.

The Managed Difference

Managed hosting offers expert support and maintenance for hassle-free website management, freeing up time for other important tasks.

Web App Security

Robust web application security measures to protect against common online threats and ensure the safety of your data and applications.

Custom Control Panel

Intuitive Management

Streamlined and user-friendly hosting management tools for easy website administration and optimization.


Powerful Severs, High Speed Datacenter Connectivity


Global Datacenters

Robust hardware and network infrastructure spread across various locations worldwide for efficient data management.

Facility Security

Stringent measures to ensure physical security and protection of servers and data centers against unauthorized access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any Dedicated Server questions? We have your answers! Below you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked Dedicated Server questions.

Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting where the client rents a complete server and has exclusive access to all of its resources. This hosting option is ideal for websites with high traffic volume or require customized settings, software, and security.

With a dedicated server, you can host high-traffic websites, run resource-intensive applications, configure custom security settings, install specific software, create multiple websites, and manage email services, among other things, all while having complete control over the server.

Some reasons to choose a dedicated server include complete control and customization options, high-performance and reliability, improved website loading speeds, enhanced security, and the ability to handle high traffic volumes and resource-intensive applications.

VPS hosting shares a physical server with multiple users, while dedicated hosting provides exclusive access to the entire server. Dedicated hosting offers better performance and more control, but VPS hosting is more affordable and scalable.